Current position

I'm coordinating phonetic transcription for the ORTOFON corpus project at the Spoken Corpora Section of the Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. I also help out with various data processing tasks and functionality prototyping (mainly using Python, Perl and R).


For more, check out my GitHub profile.

  • KonText Layout Switcher • a Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey script to customize the interface of the KonText corpus manager (see link for a screenshot)
  • MluvKonk • an experimental viewer for spoken corpus concordances as exported from KonText, which tries to give more visual cues as to the structure of the dialogue; similar functionality in KonText itself is hopefully coming up soon!
  • CNC Maps • an interactive web interface for displaying and manipulating concordances from the ORAL series corpora on a map. also features a component for browsing dialect recordings along with descriptions.
  • TransVer • a transcription verifier for our current spoken data collection project at the Czech National Corpus. written in Clojure, using the wonderful seesaw wrapper library around the horrible swing GUI toolkit.
  • my MA thesis (in czech) -- Perceptual sensitivity to music and speech stimuli in the frequency and temporal domains • if you're interested in the affinities between the ways humans process language and music, check it out!
  • EXMARaLDA/EXAKT tutorial • a short tutorial on using the EXAKT corpus concordancer tool. mainly intended for internal use, but you might find something useful in there. if you speak czech, that is :) suggestions for improvement welcome!
  • PraatEdit • a code editor for scripting the Praat speech analysis software environment, with syntax highlighting, written as a Java-learning project -- so expect bugs :)


pdf (in Czech; update: November 2016)



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