About me

Hi! My name is David Lukeš and I'm primarily a phonetician/linguist interested in programming and NLP applications, an avid fan of Linux and a beginning user of OS X. I like Python and Clojure and would like to learn me a Haskell for great good; I find R useful (though convoluted on occasion) and avoid Perl as much as I can.

I work at the Institute of the Czech National Corpus, so if you're interested in Czech and/or corpus linguistics, check us out! We have a nice and sleek web interface called KonText (with the manatee corpus query engine as a back-end) for all your Czech-related queries ;)

I hail from Prague, Czech Republic, the most beautiful city in the world, and work and live there, though I've lived in France and Belgium for a while when I was a kid. I play badminton and football (of the soccer persuasion -- but it's still football) and enjoy American Jewish literature (to the point of writing my BA thesis on Philip Roth), as well as Bill Bailey, Jon Stewart, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Fry and several other smart people who can make me laugh (and who, along with Frank Zappa and The Beatles, are collectively responsible for my lifelong crush on the English language). I used to play the saxophone reasonably well, but nowadays mostly enjoy playing the guitar atrociously bad and singing along.

As you can tell from the title of this blog (if you're a fellow aficionado), I spent most of my teen years listening to the great music of one Frank Zappa.

If you're interested in my academic (and more broadly, professional) credentials, they're available for inspection here.

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